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Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC) is the centre of reference for information relating to biodiversity and geology in the county. The data we hold on species, habitats and sites across Somerset is provided by recorders, professional ecologists and the public. We make this information available to a wide-range of individuals and organisations for use in nature conservation, development planning, and research.

Find out more about the record centre and the SERC team here. 

Data Holdings and Resources

We hold over 1.5 million records of species in our database, details of over 5000 sites and over 10,000 records of habitats.

Products and Services

The record centre is a resource for the public as well as partners and commercial clients. The information we hold is accessible via our data enquires service. In addition to collating data from others we carry out surveys of species and habitats across the county.

We have also used our expertise in ecological assessment and IT to develop specialist software for managing environmental data.

Our Area

We cover the current administrative County of Somerset, which doesn't include the unitary authorities of North Somerset or Bath and North East Somerset. For recording purposes our area lies within both vice-county 5 South Somerset and vice-county 6 North Somerset.