On-line recording

Welcome to the Somerset wildlife database.

By entering your sightings you are directly contributing to protecting wildlife in Somerset. SERC works with partners all across Somerset ensuring sightings are passed to those who need this information, which in turn helps to protect wildlife by providing decision-makers with up to date knowledge on the State of Nature in Somerset.

Please wait while the database window refreshes – this may take a few seconds.

**WARNING – If you are on this page via https://www.somerc.com/submit-data/recording/ and not http://www.somerc.com/submit-data/recording/ then your record submission may fail, please ensure you are using http://**

If you add a photo you may need to press TAB 3 or 4 times to get to the submit button.

Due to a need for more efficient time management within SERC and our capacity to monitor and respond to a high influx of emails, we’re now requesting the following:

Please follow the guidance on our website for submitting records – details can be found on our page here http://www.somerc.com/submit-data/

For single records, we’re promoting the use of iNaturalist in most instances found here at https://uk.inaturalist.org/.

For Consultant records – please send excel spreadsheet returns (not pdf’s or word documents) to sercrecords@somer.com.   Single records can be submitted online as per links above.

Also, be sure to check out a number of new fun recording activities we’re promoting alongside the Somerset Wildlife Trust. The umbrella project is know as the ‘Great Somerset Wildlife Count’. Throughout this year and beyond, we’ll be promoting events here that will help us build knowledge around the State of Nature within Somerset and these events should be fun for all the family!