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SERC covers the administrative county of Somerset – this does not include North Somerset or Bath and North East Somerset – for these areas you will need to contact Bristol Environmental Records Centre. You can also check if your site is in our area using the search facility here.

Searches are normally turned around within 10 working days, either from the date our quote is accepted for searches where a fee is due, or from date of receipt for other searches. At busy times, however, priority will always be given to Commercial Searches. We do not offer a fast track service.

To request data from SERC you will need to complete one of the forms on the links below and return to

Commercial Searches

This service is typically for consultants seeking data for planning applications. There is a fee for this service. A quote will be issued on receipt of your request form.

Data Search Request Form  – Commercial

Data Search Guidance Notes – Commercial

Data Search Fee Structure from 1st April 2022

Academic and Landowner Searches

This service caters for requests for academic research – for example, a project looking into a particular species or taxonomic group, and for Landowners seeking information about their land-holdings. These requests are normally free of charge, but SERC retains the right to charge a time based fee.

Data Search Request form – Academic and Landowners

Data Search Guidance Notes – Academic and Landowners

Neighbourhood/Community Planning Searches

This service caters for Parish Councils or Neighbourhoods thinking about Neighbourhood or Community Planning. There is a fee for this service.
Please refer to the information provided below, and if after reading this you would like us to undertake a search, complete the request form and return to us.

Planning Information and advice for local residents.

Neighbourhood/Community Planning

Data Search Request Form  – Neighbourhood/Community Planning

Data Search Guidance Notes – Neighbourhood/Community Planning