Office based opportunities


If you are interested in volunteering with a short-term project or can make a long-term commitment we can put your skills to good use and help you develop new ones. We deal with wildlife information for the whole of Somerset. With your help we can make sure this information is accessible to a wide range of individuals and organisations to help conserve and protect Somerset’s countryside.

How you can help

Whatever your skills or time commitments, there is something to suit. You can volunteer as little or as much as you like, any help is welcomed. The following are examples of the kind of tasks you can get involved with. We’ll give you training where necessary. If you’re interested please get in touch and we can discuss the options available.

Becky, Paul and Val SERC vols Jan 2015

Data entry– helping to transfer sightings from reports or other documents into excel to upload into the database. This helps us make valuable information much more easily accessible and user-friendly.

Wildlife Information Service – SERC receives many enquiries, for example about species identification. You can help us to provide a quick and effective response for anyone wanting information about wildlife in Somerset.

Digital mapping– digitising site boundaries in the geographic information system (MapInfo):
This helps us capture site information, such as tithe woodlands and compartments on SWT reserves, that is otherwise only accessible on paper maps.