Submit Data

SERC now have a new and improved online recording system which you can access through the “Submit Data” button above. A help guide for this new system can be found here, but as a quick overview it functions in much the same way the older system did, but with a few changes.

You now have to sign up to submit your records. This might seem like extra effort but it affords some new features, such as auto populating your details to assist in providing the “who, what, when , where” in species records.

By having your own account, you also get to maintain full control of the data that you submit to SERC, so if you want to delete or change a record, you can. You also get to interact with your data in new ways and if you become a regular recorder, you can not only view your records via an online map, but you can also start to filter your own records to view them in ways you may not have been able to before!

One final feature is that through this new system, you get to see where your submission is in the data pipeline, using a traffic light system to highlight whether the record is requiring verification or has been approved and passed through to go live on the main database, ready to assist in providing up to date data to ecologists and consultancies.

Looking at, and taking an interest in the nature that surrounds us can be a fun and healthy experience. However, knowing what you’re observing isn’t always easy. It can take years of practice and effort to start to understand even a small subset of what we see. Traditionally, we’ve relied very heavily on brilliant individuals and groups such as those found on our specialist recording groups page, or members of the public that go to places like Somerset Wildlife Trust reserves and say what they see around them. Luckily, we now have the technology to help better facilitate recording at a wide range of skill levels. Also, helping our community enjoy taking a closer look at our wildlife.

Our county can also benefit from these new tools. By using them, you can help to fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge and data. We now live in a world of modelling. Data can help predict where we should not only find interesting things but what we should care for. Unfortunately, if people only say what is found at a few places the models are less convincing. This is where we can all help, this is citizen science! The Somerset Wildlife Trust has launched a new initiative called Team Wilder. Over the coming months and years, SERC will be working closely with SWT on Team Wilder. Projects that will help facilitate the recording and citizen science that will be a big part of this initiative.

No matter your skill level, head to our “Help, Tell Us What You See” page to find out more information on the options available for species recording.