Somerset Geology Group

Somerset Geology Group is one of thirty RIGS groups in Britain that are part of GeoConservationUK. Their principal concern is to conserve and promote the geodiversity of Somerset as defined by the rocks, landforms, soils and water resources. Set up as informal group within Somerset Wildlife Trust it maintains close relations with local authorities, research workers and the British Geological Survey.

Members have recorded many hundreds of sites of geological interest and also documented observations of temporary exposures from pipelines and road building projects. The Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS) in the county were identified by the group and the information collected for these sites is available via SERC.

Getting Involved

The Somerset Geology Group is a loose association, acting as a ‘clearing house’ and focus for Somerset geology. The group meet occasionally and have a newsletter that is widely circulated. They also hold a card index of Somerset publications and an extensive collection of research papers.

The group has no formal set-up or constitution, and there is no membership fee. To find out about the group’s activities and get to involved simply register you interest. The group advise on planning and development and assist with enquiries from conservation organisations, researchers, government officers and the public.


For further details please contact :-

Joint Co-ordinator – Garry Dawson Tel 01823 282305  email:

Further information

Details about the geology of Somerset can be downloaded here.

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