Somerset Bat Group

The Somerset Bat Group (SBG) are  part of the Somerset Wildlife Trust and are affiliated to the Bat Conservation Trust (the national organisation for bat protection).

Somerset now has 16 of the 17 species of British Bats, as the group recently discovered a Leisler’s maternity roost in Taunton.   Some species are common in Somerset, while others are endangered. The Bat Group is actively engaged in varied activities to help preserve these fascinating creatures.

Getting Involved

The group runs many events and surveys.  Several of the members run Bat walks in the summer. They also give talks to local groups, install and check bat boxes, take part in many national bat monitoring and local surveys.  During the winter they hold workshops and courses in Bat Care, analysing Bat Sound, and Bat Identification.

Their website has a bat advice section, where you can find lots of information, including advice on dealing with an injured or grounded bat, or if you are concerned a development may harm bats.

If you are interested in joining SBG, click here for an application form to join the group.


For all enquiries please email