Local Geological Sites (LGS)

The Local Geological Sites (LGS) classification provides a means of identifying and safeguarding some of the County’s best sites for geology. The intention is to complement the network of internationally and nationally designated sites, helping to ensure the survival of important geological features.

Unlike sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), a local site designation does not imply any legal or statutory duties and sites rely entirely upon sympathetic management by their owners for their conservation.

The Local Geological Sites help preserve the county’s varied geological heritage. There are just over 230 in Somerset.


In Somerset the county’s Local Geological Sites Panel oversees Local Geological Sites. The designation of Local Geological Sites is based on the RIGS system in line with national guidelines with local considerations.

Criteria for LGS


Getting Information

Information relating to Local Geological Sites is held by SERC and can be accessed via the request data service.