The SERC Network

SERC’s partners

Working with national and local government and other key partners, SERC has a lead role in biodiversity strategy for the county. The species and habitat data the record centre collates helps to form the basis for setting conservation priorities for Somerset.

SERC has been involved with the local action plans and the local wildlife sites for Somerset since their inception, and has been helping to monitoring Somerset’s biodiversity for over twenty years.

SERC also works with the local authorities and Somerset Geology Group to help identify and protect the county’s important local geological sites.

SERC has a lead role in biodiversity strategy for the county, through the development of the Somerset Notables List through to managing the Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) and Local Geological Sites (LGS) survey programmes, reviewing sites against the county criteria and proposing any changes to designations of sites.

SERC work very closely with Specialist Groups such as the Somerset Butterfly Group to plan county activities, share knowledge and data and develop a good network of advice and support.

Our current funding partners are Somerset Wildlife Trust, Somerset County Council, the District Councils, Exmoor National Park Authority, the Environment Agency, South West Water and Wessex Water. They provide annual funding to support the core functions of the record centre, in return for our services. We work in close collaboration with our partners on biodiversity strategy for the county and the Southwest region, including the local biodiversity action plans, and locally designated sites.  We also work closely with Natural England.