What we do?

SERC collects, manages analyses and supplies data on wildlife and the surrounding environment. This could include areas where certain habitats are found, including geological features. The SERC central database holds information about sites within Somerset which have statutory and non-statutory designations and those species that have statutory protection.

SERC is a resource open to individual enquirers providing information for a variety of purposes including research, monitoring and recording. To landowners and conservation groups we provide invaluable information for managing sites for nature conservation. Developers and their consultants, and members of the public, regularly make use of our services as part of the planning process to help assess the potential impact of development works.

Although we make charges for some of our services, enquirers seeking data for non-commercial activities, such as wildlife recording, conservation work and academic research, can usually access our data for free. Any income we generate is channelled back into nature conservation and supporting recording within Somerset.

Organisations entering into service level agreements or data sharing agreements with SERC are provided with enhanced access to data and services tailored to meet their requirements.

SERC provides support to individuals and groups who submit data to us or wish to do so.   Find out how to submit data.