Integrated Habitat System (IHS)

The Integrated Habitat System was developed by SERC in the 1990’s. The Phase 1 coverage in the county was sparse at best and the classification did not meet the needs of the records centre or our clients. Looking at the European Corine system was decisive in indicating the need for a significant replacement. The Integrated Habitat System (IHS) was born.

The objective was to better represent the use of existing habitat classifications and to bind the legislation  & current UK & EU thinking to the data. In summary;

Show the information that is required
Show the information that is required

• Biodiversity Broad Habitat Types
• Biodiversity Priority Habitat Types
• Annex 1 Habitats Directive
• Phase 1 (NCC/RSNC)

  • To provide an integrated approach to the collection, management and analysis of habitat data in the UK
  • To optimise use of existing habitat data through effective translation
  • To provide a basis for overviews of the habitat resource, for biodiversity planning and other purposes

IHS represents an integration of existing classifications in use in the UK with particular emphasis on Biodiversity Broad Habitat Types, Biodiversity Priority Habitat Types, Annex 1 of the Habitats Directive and Phase 1.

IHS comprises:

  • The integrated classification, including definitions of over 400 categories
  • A software translation tool, including translation of Phase 1 data to BAP priority habitats and the full IHS
  • Field survey & air photo interpretation manuals
  • GIS data capture, management and analysis protocols

Download IHS Descriptions