Somerset Badger Group

The Somerset Badger Group is committed to conserving, protecting and promoting badgers, their habitats and setts, along with other native wildlife, by eduction to, and support for, the wider public. The group provides advice and help to the general public, land owners and farmers with badger related issues. They also record badger setts, badger sightings including road traffic casualties, evidence of sett interference and persecution.

The group has close links to the Badger Trust and is a branch of the Somerset Wildlife Trust and works closely with the police and RSPCA.

Getting Involved

The group has regular meetings and training events, carries out sett surveys and has a group of trained volunteers who have been vaccinating badgers under licence from Natural England since 2012.

If you would like to get involved or know more about us visit our website, contact the 24/7 helpline or email:


Chair: Vanessa Mason         Telephone:  24/7 Helpline 07850 604585 or 07774 127313